Are Your Glutes Actually "Weak", or Just Deactivated?

Are Your Glutes Actually "Weak", or Just Deactivated?

Are you someone who identifies as having a weak glute or glutes?

Traditionally in Physiotherapy, we would assess for glute weakness and then work hard to build a program that progressively strengthens those areas.

We might get you doing clams, sidelying hip abductions, banded crab walks, fire-hydrants, step ups, lunges, squats, etc. But, while these exercises are a great way to strengthen weak glute muscles, they don't really address any of the reasons behind gluteal muscles become weaker in the first place.

And here's where I come in.

As a Physio who's really passionate about understanding why things happen, I've spent the best part of the last 20 years trying to solve these additional mysteries.

And in this video, I highlight what I've come to understand CAUSES gluteal muscles to weaken.

If you can go after this relatively hidden dysfunction as well as strengthening those weak glutes, we may finally be able to start having a conversation about what eliminating gluteal weakness may look like.

- Grant



Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:39 Pre-Exercise Glute Strength Test
  • 2:48 Low Back Mobility with a Foam Roller + Re-Test
  • 8:13 Importance of Daily Postures


Helpful Equipment For This Video:

- Lacrosse Ball

- Peanut Massage Ball

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