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How to Box Squat Correctly (and Why They're Brilliant for Bad Knees)

Learning how to box squat is a valuable skill for anyone struggling with knee pain.

Better yet, this squat is a fantastic alternative for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable doing regular squats. Many people don't realize that squatting is an essential human movement. It's an important skill to master and maintain for great hip, low back, knee, and ankle joint health.

But if any of those currently feel uncomfortable with regular squatting, take the time to learn how to box squat instead. Whether it be knee pain or general discomfort, the box squat allows us to alter the way we load our knees.

It allows us to maintain a more vertical shin for longer, decreasing the amount of forward shear going through the knee. This is an important consideration if you have a meniscal injury or some knee wear and tear.

Clinically, I find teaching my patients how to box squat is a fantastic post-operative knee exercise at the appropriate time. Patients often feel far more comfortable doing box squats before progressing back to regular squats eventually.

So if you have knee pain and would like to keep improving your hip and knee muscle strength without stirring up your symptoms, consider learning proper box squat technique. Better still, this squat variation is a great alternative for everyone else to try as well!

Topics covered in this video:

  • Why Box Squats are an Important Technique to Master
  • How to Box Squat Correctly

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Helpful equipment:

  • Power Band: If wanting to mobilize those stiff ankles or tight hips.

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