How to Permanently Loosen a Tight Psoas (Updated)

How to Permanently Loosen a Tight Psoas (Updated)

When trying to loosen a tight psoas or hip flexor muscle we need to do more than just hunt around for the next best psoas stretch.

Instead, we need to make sure we go looking for the underlying reason behind WHY the psoas muscle feel the need to be tight in the first place.

Clinically as a Physiotherapist, I find that the hidden, underlying cause of psoas muscle tightness often relates back to dysfunction in the lower back.

And it's going after THIS dysfunction - while still practicing effective psoas muscle stretching and mobilisation techniques, that can ultimately provide the necessary conditions for a psoas muscle to remain loose long-term.

In this video, I go through some simple lower back and psoas muscle mobility techniques and stretches, and also discuss what ultimately needs to happen to give yourself the best chance to permanently loosen a tight psoas muscle.

This video follows on from an earlier video I put out over a year ago (but will a little better audio :))

- Grant


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 0:43 Cause of tight Psoas muscle
  • 1:40 Back Mobility
  • 4:54 Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
  • 7:01 Couch Stretch
  • 8:33 Ball Hip Flexor Mobility
  • 10:52 Importance of Sitting
  • 12:59 Importance of Sitting Posture

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- Grant


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