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How to Stretch Tight Upper Traps & Keep Them Loose Forever

Today's video is all about how to stretch tight upper traps. More importantly, I discuss what you also need to do to keep them loose forever. 

Clinically, I find typical upper trap stretches are ultimately ineffective at actually loosening up the upper traps. Therefore its also hard to keep them loose. Instead, we need to consider why the upper traps have become tight in the first place. This way we can go after those deeper causes if we truly want to solve this issue long-term.

And what are those deeper issues?

Well, we're talking about upper back joint and rib joint stiffness. Dysfunction in these areas can ask surrounding tissue to tighten in support. So if our only approach to improving upper trap tightness is to stretch the overlying tightness, we aren't really fixing the underlying problems, just treating the symptoms.

Further to this, we also have a tendency to neglect why these underlying joints have become stiff and tight. And as boring as this sounds, the culprit is often our daily postural habits and shapes.

If we sit and slouch at a desk or on the couch, or spend hours a day peering down at our phone etc, we can create increased load through specific hinge points along the way. So again, just stretching tight upper traps won't account for the necessary change in your postural habits. It also won't improve your postural awareness to the point where you can change this dynamic completely.

Take a moment to watch as I link these two ideas together. Let's discuss why we need to focus on both the upper trap tightness and the joints in the upper back.

- Grant

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