how to treat achilles tendon pain

Achilles Tendon Pain: How To Treat Achilles Tendon Pain at Home (& its Cause)

If you're struggling to shake Achilles tendon pain, it's important to make sure you're not missing the broader mechanical cause.

Yes, the Achilles is clearly the area that becomes dysfunctional, but clinically I find it's often a consequence of something else.

And conquering this something else can be the difference between Achilles pain that comes and goes quickly, and pain that persists or comes back down the track.

Clinically, I find the following change the way an Achilles is loaded ultimately setting it up for dysfunction:

  • Ankle stiffness
  • Hip rotational tightness
  • Low back joint stiffness

There can be more issues in play - especially regarding strength and muscle activation, but I find these three to be the most important.

In today's video, I go through seven exercises to try at home if you're suffering from Achilles Tendon pain and want it gone.

As a unit, they should help manage your Achilles tendon symptoms and help address its hidden underlying cause.

Some may seem a little left-of-center - especially considering how far away something like the low back might be, but clinically I'm finding such a strong connection between these areas and Achilles tendon pain.

So please keep an open mind, and I hope these exercises help you in the same way they help my patients.

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