how to improve single leg balance

How to Improve Your Single Leg Balance in Less than 30 Seconds

Single leg balance is something we often expect to deteriorate over time. As we age, we assume we'll become a little more wobbly on our feet and poor balance has very close links to falls risk in the elderly. 

But if we get too comfortable with the idea that our balance will deteriorate over time, then it becomes too easy to overlook the things we can change.

Balance is a complicated phenomenon within the body. Good balance relies on the interplay of three main body systems. These keep our center of gravity over our base of support:

  • Vision
  • Vestibular System
  • Proprioception

And while we do have some control over our vision and vestibular function, we can have a huge influence over our proprioception.

For those unaware, proprioception is our body's joint-position sense. It allows us to know our body position in space without having to look at it. And what many don't realize is that our proprioception takes a massive hit when our joints become stiff and rusty.

So one of the great balance hacks I've found over the years is to go after joint stiffness. And do so where it matters most - the ankle. And by doing so, we can see exactly how closely related these things are.

In this video, I demonstrate how to use one highly effective ankle joint mobility exercise to instantly improve your single leg balance.

Topics covered in this video:

  • Components of good balance
  • Banded ankle stretch

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- Grant


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Helpful equipment:

  • Power Band: If wanting to mobilize those stiff ankles.

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