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Patellar Tendonitis: Why it's Back-Related (and How to Fix it)

We traditionally look at Patellar Tendonitis as an overuse injury. However, I'm finding there might be more going on behind the scenes. 

Clinically, I find that Patellar Tendonitis might be back-related, which may account for the many variables not currently explained by overuse alone.

Why is the patella tendon the area that fails? Why is often just the one side that becomes sore and not both? Why do we blame overuse when using our tissue is what it's designed for?

These questions have led me to reassess our current thinking around the cause of Patellar Tendonitis. It has also allowed me to take a step back and explore what its broader cause might actually be. And this is what's led me to the back.

Through assessment, treatment, and re-assessment of countless patient's knee tendonitis, I've been able to uncover some really interesting, and potentially thought-provoking things. Things, that have fundamentally hanged how I view and treat Jumper's Knee. Now, instead of just focusing on the knee itself, I've found it vital to focus on things that affect and influence the function of the knee.

In today's video, I discuss this very connection I'm finding between the back and knee tendonitis and go through two exercises to help sort this out.

In my opinion, no treatment for Patellar Tendonitis is complete without a thorough assessment and treatment of specific areas of the mid-low back and surrounding areas. If we don't, we run the risk. of missing the bigger picture entirely.


Patellar Tendonitis Exercises covered in this video:

  • Foam Roller Back Stretch
  • Couch Stretch

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- Grant

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