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Your Wellness Nerd

Lacrosse Ball - Your Wellness Nerd

Lacrosse Ball - Your Wellness Nerd

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Your Wellness Nerd Lacrosse Ball – 6cm

A Lacrosse Ball is something I've used for years as a Physiotherapist to help patients find - and release, tight soft tissue and mobilize spinal joint stiffness.

This official Your Wellness Nerd branded Lacrosse Ball is perfect for anyone wanting to take control of their neck, back, shoulder, hip, and leg dysfunction. It's genuinely one of the simplest and best strategies I've seen over the last 20 years as a Physiotherapist to find those hidden restrictions and free them up.

I use one myself almost every day and am a strong advocate of its use for anyone wanting to improve the function of their body or positively influence pain and injury.

The surface of the ball is rubbery and firm, yet still has the slightest amount of give, making it a comfortable and effective self-mobility tool.

Depending on what's most convenient for you, this Lacrosse Ball can be used standing up against a wall, sitting on a chair, or lying on the floor. Its shape, smoothness and density make it a more effective mobility tool than other common options like a spikey ball or foam roller as it allows for more targeted and specific pressure on your relevant restricted tissues.

Otherwise known as a trigger point ball, mobility ball, massage ball or myofascial release ball, this Lacross Ball comes highly recommended and should be a part of your self-care routine and practice. From my experience, it's an essential tool for anyone wanting to improve their mobility and flexibility.

It can be used before exercise to help optimize your mechanics and potentially decrease your risk of injury. It can also be used post-exercise to assist in recovery, down-regulate a heightened nervous system and even facilitate a better night's sleep.

 - Grant


  • Material: Silicone/Natural Rubber
  • Diameter: 63.5mm
  • Weight: 160g
  • Hardness: shoreA50 
  • Colour: Pastel Green

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