how to treat shoulder impingement

3 Important Exercises to Successfully Treat Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impingement can have a number of different mechanical causes. Many of which we unknowingly overlook if we aren't paying attention. 

The painful structure can differ from person to person. But there are usually some common areas around the shoulder you need to look at as well. The neck and upper back are often missed because they don't often hurt themselves. But if stiff, tight, and restricted, they can have catastrophic consequences for how we load and use the shoulder.

Again, your local symptoms are still really important. But there's often more to an impinged shoulder than just the impingement itself.

If the focus of your treatment program primarily revolves around pain relief or cortisone injections (or even just shoulder-specific exercises), then it might be hard to resolve your shoulder impingement long-term.

Rotator cuff and scapular stabilizer strength shoulder still be a clear focus long-term. But if surrounding tissue sets your shoulder up to fail there will always be a strict ceiling on how good you can feel.

That might still be pretty good, of course. But we need to do better in the name of reclaiming normal shoulder function. Settling short-term pain just can't be good enough.

So, in this video, I demonstrate three fantastic exercises that I find successfully treat these root causes. They're based on clinical results and exploration.

I hope this helps uncover the final pieces of your shoulder impingement puzzle! Please let me know if it does!

- Grant

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