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Bakers Cyst Exercises You Probably Aren’t Doing (But Absolutely Should)

When trying to rehabilitate a Bakers Cyst, it's important to understand a few things about the process:

  1. A Bakers Cyst often develops as a consequence of something else
  2. That something else is also often a consequence of something else again

And while that sounds deliberately ambiguous, overcoming a Bakers Cyst can easily require a healthy dose of perspective.

The first thing to understand is that a Bakers Cyst often develops in response to meniscal dysfunction. As the tissue inside the knee becomes irritated and annoyed, we can develop a cyst at the back of the knee.

So initially, it's important to recognize that draining the cyst, injecting it, stretching the calf, or at least focusing on the cyst in isolation - may overlook the very reason behind why it has developed in the first place. And we need to focus more on the overall health of the knee itself to achieve sustainable long-term progress.

This is where point two becomes important.

In order to improve the health and function of the meniscus, we can't just think of this as a knee issue. We need to take that step back and consider the function of the knee within the context of the entire leg.

If we aren't looking above the knee and below it, we might miss any relatively hidden hip and ankle dysfunction. Whether it be tight hip muscles or a stiff ankle joint, restrictions in these areas can fundamentally change the way the entire leg functions - setting the meniscus up to fail.

So, in this video, I demonstrate some simple symptomatic exercises you can try to help improve how your Bakers Cyst may feel. I also discuss the broader ideas associated with why we may develop a Bakers Cyst and an awesome ankle and hip stretch you can try in an attempt to improve your broader leg mechanics.

I genuinely hope it helps!

Let me know how you find the exercises!

- Grant


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:30 Wall calf stretch for a Bakers Cyst
  • 4:17 Foam roller calf mobility exercise for a Bakers Cyst
  • 6:30 What is the cause of a Bakers Cyst?
  • 8:05 Banded ankle stretch
  • 10:00 The couch stretch

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