hidden cause of costochondritis

Costochondritis: Fix its Hidden Cause With One Simple Exercise

Costochondritis can be quite stressful to diagnose.

For many, a sudden onset of chest pain can lead to a trip to the emergency room to have your heart assessed (and hopefully cleared). 

Ultimately, Costochondritis can be both intensely painful and mentally draining in many cases.

However once an accurate diagnosis is achieved, there's still no guarantee of a smooth transition back to full health. Many recover quickly of course, but there are far too many others who have to endure days, weeks, months, and even years of persistent chest pain.

From what I find clinically, the medical industry might be missing the larger perspective of what truly causes Costochondritis. And by doing so, we are essentially handicapping our ability to help those overcome their chest pain, and do so quickly and efficiently.

In today's video, I discuss what I've found to be the hidden cause of Costochondritis and the basic factors that seem to set it up to occur - with or without trauma.

Furthermore, I delve into one very simple, yet highly effective exercise to rectify this hidden cause and provide some much needed advice for those wanting to rid themselves of the condition for good.

Clinically, we can seriously speed up recovery times by focusing on a few simple things on top of the usual Costochondritis rehab protocols. So please make sure you at least give these things a try and let me know how you go!

Topics covered in this video:

  • The hidden cause of Costochondritis
  • The role of less than perfect posture in Costochondritis
  • A briliant and fast-acting exercise to rectify this hidden cause

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- Grant

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I did find some relief from this and explored the areas of my back which instinctually I was thinking something almost needed to be cracked or manoeuvred in the back to give me relief. I pop out my chest everyday trying to get some sort of crack or relief but nothing. It’s been 8 months. I’ve been on high dose of fish oil to fight against inflammation and also increased any anti inflammatory foods because a dose of norofen and Panadol non stop for 5 days didn’t seem logical to me.


Thank you for this. This is my first experience of this condition & it’s agony! I believe it was the result of a truly awful 5 week cough that involved extended coughing fits that resulted in vomiting. The cough is finally mostly resolved, but one morning I woke up with this agonising chest pain. I’m a globally hyper-mobile & petite type of person, so initially wondered if I had slept badly, this does happen to me with my lower spine sometimes & I use a pillow between knees.

I was told by Urgent Treatment Clinic to rest, take painkillers & use cold/heat, but as an Occupational Therapist myself this did not seem very helpful or practical. I wanted more of a treatment plan that I could engage with to improve things, hence I went looking for info.

Your video has reminded me to think like a holistic therapist, which I would usually do, but it’s harder to do for oneself & when in awful pain the brain doesn’t do it’s clearest thinking.

I usually also practice Pilates regularly, but had to pause when the cough came. I will return with caution, but add your ball exercises too & 🤞 awesome relief soon!

Many thanks

N McCaffrey

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