How to Permanently Loosen Scalene Muscle Tightness Forever

How to Permanently Loosen Scalene Muscle Tightness Forever

Are you consistently trying to stretch your scalene muscles without ever feeling like you're making overall progress?

If this is you, then like most people, it's important to make sure you're also working hard on addressing the underlying reason behind WHY your scalene muscles have become tight in the first place.

Otherwise, you may just be going around in circles.

Clinically, muscle tightness is often a consequence of something else. This "something else" in regards to scalene muscle tightness is often stiffness in the underlying neck joints and ribs that these muscles anchor to.

So, it goes without saying that and scalene muscle stretching needs to be paired with exercises to free up those stiff joints as well.

In this video, I demonstrate some simple ways to stretch tight scalene muscles, but also how to get at that underlying joint stiffness as well.

Hang around to the end of the video to understand why those areas have become restricted as well!

- Grant


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:15 Scalene anatomy
  • 0:54 Neck joint ball mobility
  • 2:51 Scalene muscle stretches
  • 5:15 Importance of good posture

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- Grant


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This was VERY HELPFUL. Thank you for the stretch tips. I’ve been hesitant to over stretch this area because I thought I’d cause more harm.

Amy Summers

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