how to stretch a tight calf muscle

How to Stretch a Tight Calf Muscle & Keep it Loose

In today's video, I highlight how to stretch a tight calf muscle and what you need to do to keep it loose forever. 

Traditionally, we stretch without expecting to stop having to do it at some stage. That we must continuously do it in order to maintain change and 'stay loose'. We get stuck on the idea that stretching reclaims mobility rather than restoring it.

As a result, we can easily get stuck in a loop of stretching tight calf muscles without a finish line. In my experience, this means we're often constantly attacking the symptom without addressing why it's tight in the first place.

So if wanting to break this perpetual cycle and permanently loosen your calf muscles, it's important to go hunting for these deeper issues. And from what I find clinically, there are two common causes of calf tightness - low back dysfunction and restricted ankles.

These more covert issues force a change in the way the calf muscles function. So constantly stretching a tight calf, without improving these areas can ultimately be a waste of time. But if you can rectify them you can become someone who used to have tight calf muscles - which is where we should all be.

In this video, I demonstrate how to stretch a tight calf muscle in the most effective and efficient way I've seen. And how to address the underlying cause of that calf muscle tightness. It's a must-watch for anyone consistently battling both calf tightness, pain, and injury.

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I genuinely hope it helps you find the results you're looking for!

- Grant

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