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How to Treat Your Shin Splints From Home

Shin Splints are a common issue affecting the front of the shin. And like many musculoskeletal complaints, there's usually a number of factors that set it up to occur.

We often link shin pain back to things like flat feet, calf tightness, and poor training practices. But as with many lower limb injuries, there's often more at play. There are usually broader mechanical issues that set an area like the shin up for pain and dysfunction.

This is especially true when many people have Shin Splints on just one side. Or, at the very least symptoms that are worse on one side. There has to be a reason for this unilateral difference in symptoms. And to find these issues we need to look at the low back, the hip, and the ankle as well as the shin.

In this video, I cover three important exercises to help treat your Shin Splints from home. The first two go after the general symptoms associated with Shin Splints. And the last aims to get at its root cause.

Importantly, I discuss the cause of Shin Splints and how to go about rectifying it. Remember, there will always be a limit as to how effective a treatment is if you aren't also trying to figure out its root cause. And in this instance, if the way you load those shins is different from how the body is expecting, it can be hard to quickly change how you feel and get back into your sport or activity.

Hopefully this video helps you do that!

- Grant

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