taping for low back pain and posture

Low Back Taping Technique for Better Pain & Posture

Low back pain can clearly be a frustrating and challenging experience for many. The breadth of possible diagnoses and myriad of potential treatment options can leave even the most back pain-savvy person confused and wondering what to do.

Clinically, I find it extremely helpful to have a one-size-fits-all option to turn to. Obviously, we need to respect each individual diagnosis and work towards a thorough treatment plan to optimize recovery. But lower back taping is as versatile and effective as any treatment strategy out there for many people.

The lower back taping technique covered in this video works on two main ideas:

  • An attempt to unload the lower back by transferring motion from individual lower back segments to the hips.
  • Respectfully forcing the lower back into a more optimal position.

By focusing on these two ideas, we can often capture many of the hidden underlying features that cause and perpetuate low back pain and dysfunction.

And by unloading the lower back and respectfully forcing it into a better position, we can attempt to create a more ideal environment for any overloaded, irritated, injured, or dysfunctional tissue to recover and normalize.

So, in this video, I wanted to highlight how simple and easy this particular type of taping can be to do - with the help of a friend.

Watch for the potential back pain relief and postural education, stay for the Bubble O' Bill socks!

Time Stamps:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:27 Benefits of This Low Back Taping Technique
  • 2:29 Low Back Taping Technique
  • 6:18 Outro

This is a must-watch for anyone suffering from the above musculoskeletal issues or just wanting a body that performs or functions better!

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- Grant

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