Sleep Like a Log: 14 Ways to Optimize Your Health & Wellness with Better Sleep

Sleep Like a Log: 14 Ways to Optimize Your Health & Wellness with Better Sleep


When was the last time you took stock of your sleep quality?

As something that's such an integral part of our lives, sleep is hugely underrated as a potential contributing factor to so many things. For me as a Physiotherapist, sleep has an immense impact on things like tissue healing, recovery rate, pain intensity, and also mental health.

So it goes without saying that it's important to at least be aware of how to optimize your sleep to help your body function and feel better.

In this video, I cover FOURTEEN ways you can improve the mechanisms behind a good night's sleep.

These range from obvious things like making the room dark and keeping things a nice, cool temperature, all the way up to strategies that can help down regulate a heightened nervous system and set you up for sleeping success.

I genuinely hope these tips are helpful, and a big thank you to the RingConn Smart Ring for making this video possible.

If you'd a simple and convenient way to track your sleep - among other things, consider picking up a RingConn Smart Ring here!

- Grant


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:53 Think of Sleep THIS Way
  • 1:33 Darkness
  • 2:17 Eye Mask
  • 2:28 Ear Plugs
  • 3:00 Cool Your Room
  • 3:20 Track Your Sleep with the RingConn Smart Ring
  • 7:49 Limit Caffeine
  • 8:20 Limit Alcohol
  • 8:58 Limit Screen Time
  • 9:55 Exercise
  • 10:42 Sunlight
  • 11:13 Deep Breathing
  • 12:16 Weighted Blanket
  • 12:38 Gut Smash
  • 13:28 Soft Tissue Work

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- Grant


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