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These Pain Myths Are Unnecessarily Affecting Your Quality of Life

There are so many myths around pain and injury that could be holding you back from feeling and functioning at your best.

The trouble is, that most common, modern-day pain myths make perfect sense on the surface. But a slight change in perspective is often all it takes to see the bigger picture. And this bigger picture often takes us from feeling like we don't have control over our aches and pains, or that we can't influence our symptoms, to suddenly understanding that there is possibly a world where your issues no longer exist.

Whether it's ideas like pain being age or growing related, or the common feeling of having "slept funny", we can do better. You deserve better.

So, in the video below, I discuss eleven myths that consistently pop up with my patients clinically, and offer up a slight change in perspective that will hopefully dispel them for you.

As mentioned above, each myth makes complete sense when you talk them through, but no longer do when you take just a small step back.

I genuinely hope that at least one of these common pain-related myths resonates enough with you to hopefully influence your aches, pains, or symptoms in a positive way.

Let me know if it does!

- Grant


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:32 Age-Related Pain
  • 2:12 No Pain No Gain
  • 3:37 Cracking Your Joints is Bad
  • 5:12 Icing an Injury
  • 8:11 You Moved the Wrong Way
  • 10:06 You Must Have "Slept Funny"
  • 13:03 Your Back is Out
  • 15:37 Scan Results Define How you Feel
  • 17:38 Your Best Shoulder Posture is Back and DOWN
  • 19:35 Growing Pains
  • 21:51 There's Nothing You Can Do For Your Pain

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