flat feet are a consequence of something else

Why Flat Feet Are More Than Just a Foot Problem

Flat feet are more than just a problem with the feet. And without the right perspective, it can be hard to understand why your arches collapse.

So when trying to correct those fallen arches we don't want to miss these broader (and often relatively hidden) mechanical issues.

Clinically, flat feet are often the end result of an issue with the overall mechanics of the leg. More specifically, an internally rotating, valgus-type tendency. One that is insanely common in today's modern world.

This inward rotation is often a consequence of the leg working around a stiffness, tightness, or weakness at the ankle, hip, or low back. In my experience, the most common issues associated with flat feet are stiff ankles, rotational hip muscle weakness, and a lack of hip range of motion. Each forces the leg to rotate around their respective issues disorientating the leg from its ideal linear movement plane.

So, it goes without saying that the "cure" for flat feet must encompass techniques that address these broader issues as well. Otherwise, things like arch support and supportive shoes may prevent the arch from collapsing. But they will never stop the arch from wanting to collapse if it's constantly compensating for something else.

In today's video, I discuss these root causes of flat feet. I also demonstrate three important exercises to reclaim good arch function again by improving the overall function of the leg as a whole.

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- Grant

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